An Old Oak Tree

The patch clearly visible...even from a distant memory
The shade and the seating place....My inseparable part,
People laughed, they stared.......
But couldn’t isolate me from my friend,
The tree understood everything I said, dropped few leaves, as to show
its acknowledgment,
Branches came together to shelter me...they waved, even when there was no wind,
I used to sit and some time take a refreshing has no words
to tell me...but I knew, I was understood,
People and their saying could never distract us...we were friends forever...

Years passed, a part of the tree collapsed, but my presence was never
being snubbed, I was never being deprived of the relentless love and
affection...and a promise for future...

I changed, more naturally I was forced to change, and a change your
near-dear ones search in you, Courteous, happiness, laughter, liking
of the most insignificant matter and taking interest in others’ ...yes
I changed
In my reminiscence the Oak tree was still there as I left
visits became scarce.....I came to know the tree is no more, I ignore
to the fact that at least a homage is all I could do...

My coated happiness started diminishing, as it cannot last long,
The turmoil of my emotions pushed me on to the same path,
the patch still clearly visible,
But my friend was missing..... I sat there; spoke about my suffering,
the land beneath me soaked the tear drops
I knew my friend is no more to listen and give me,
My once cherished moments with him....I was about to make a move with
a heavy heart, my egocentricity nowhere to be seen....but felt a touch
as to say I am still there to listen to you,
I turned and there was this small sapling of the Oak tree..... I
instantly knew my friend didn’t leave me alone.................

By- Shashank Bhattacharya Sir (Sunbeam Lahartara)