The Sixth Angle

Before you read this write-up remember it is not about some very special people. Certainly ever since “The Sixth Sense” movie came into the grip of our eye sight, we have developed a perception about the people who either pretend to show or probably bless with this sixth sense attribute. Frankly speaking these two words have made miraculous difference in the lives of the people who had been made to believe that they possess this quality. Just with a mere hint of this and your perception and the world around you becomes mysteriously positive in terms of special power.
The concept of Sixth Angle which will throw a lot of light on to what I want to say, initially my idea of sixth sense and sixth angle was totally different. It happened as one day when I was giving a lecture I came to a conclusion about our uniqueness, at least there is one virtue, one attribute or whatever you call it, is there with each one of us which distinguish with the rest of the planetarium. Here it is also very important to give due respect to our creators.
Kudos to that almighty, which has so many different frames and unique attributes to make us all stand different from each other. Nevertheless that discussion can prolong on another timeline, but here while giving the lecture I also came across to one fact, that our beloved moon, on scientific term the only natural satellite of our planet, never shows its other side to us.
Obviously this pushed me to gather some more facts about moon, and I came across the fact that moon also rotates on its axis, but then how come we are unable to observe this fact, and the next fact makes it very clear, and the fact is surely moon rotates on to its axis but the speed of its rotation and revolving around the planet is almost same, that is 27 days it takes to rotate and approximately it takes 30 days to revolve around our planet, that makes it very close so standing at a point on earth we are able to see the same phase again and again. This shatters my dream of trying to see the sixth angle confirming the fact that I might have developed the sixth sense but I would never be able to know the sixth angle of any entity.
All my research pondering my wisdom just to confirm the fact, convincing me time and again smothered with the thought that I know “you”. Not only this without the help of the reflection produced by a mirror can we be sure about our own thoughts and actions that to also the mirror only reflect back the outer surface of the projected things.
Before I conclude this write-up my fellow readers must be wondering that rather solving few doubts probably this article presented lot many unsolved questions and one of the foremost uncertainty it foretell is should we never try to know people around us in the entirety.
Celestial bodies and space still has innumerable secrets, which may not present answer to lot many doubts about them but on another tangent what they cannot present, they give us the clue to understand the world, and one of them is sometimes leaving few things unknown about our near and dear ones makes life a lot easy. Sometime a no reply or a mystery is better than a reply. Imperfection always pushes you to bring out perfection, till it has not been found out, and on the way to find it we come across lot many surprising findings.